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Call Me, Maybe…

This post was originally a guest blog that I wrote which was originally posted here. As I mentioned in my last post , I am now back offering phonesex fun – I can be found here for that – and  I thought I’d give you a little insight into why its my favourite platform to entertain […]

Catfishes, Creeps & Current Affairs

Thought I’d do a quick little update post after my impromptu feminist rant last post! I can’t believe that I have once again managed to neglect my blog for this long. I’m so sorry, but I’m back. Back like cooked crack. (In the same way I can never ask somebody “what do you want?” without […]

Emma Watson & the Case for Feminism

It’s International Women’s Day and one thing that’s been really annoying me lately is the stick Emma Watson has been getting for a shoot she did recently in which she posed for some images “topless”. Because she is a proud and vocal feminist, some people have been hitting back by saying there is no way […]

What 2016 Taught Me

2016 was a funny one. I made some big decisions, tested myself to my limits, had a bit of a break down, got back up, thought I had a handle of things again and now have no idea what 2017 will bring. Having been quite vocal about my decision to step out of the adult […]

The “D” Word: Dating & Why I Will Die Alone

I always thought that if I was a Disney Princess I would, naturally, be Ariel but the older I’m getting the more I realise I have in common with Pocahontas. Not only do we both have pet racoons but, just like my Native American counterpart, I am always waiting to see what’s “just around the […]

Jaye Rose is Back…Tell a Friend

I must be the most irritating blogger of all time. Somebody literally came up to me in person the other week and said “WILL YOU PLEASE START BLOGGING AGAIN AND STOP MESSING ABOUT”. I am so lacking in consistency its shocking but I am back, again, and thought I’d bring you up to speed on […]

Putting On My Red Light

I think I covered pretty much the whole spectrum of “sex work” during my time in the industry, except for escorting, which tends to be the profession most people think of when hearing the term “sex worker”. From the amount of e-mails I use to get and actually still do get demanding to know how […]

Are You There God? It’s Me, Jaye Rose

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. Again. I want to start by apologising for my massive hiatus. As I touched on in my last gabbled and probably not totally coherent post, I was on a heavy dose of anti-depressants which had completely blocked me mentally and I had no enthusiasm or energy to bother […]

Just ’cause she dances go-go…

I met up with my friend this week who told me that one of our friends from school had got himself a job working on the bar at a strip club. According to her he was able to pay his rent on his tips alone and she suggested that maybe I should see about working […]

MIA – sorry!

So I’ve been “MIA” for a while, a term which is completely wasted on me as I’ve been getting no action at all. What actually happened is that I went back on anti-depressants and they did what they always do, which is eradicate the problem with a simple “I can no longer find the energy […]

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