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Thought I’d do a quick little update post after my impromptu feminist rant last post! I can’t believe that I have once again managed to neglect my blog for this long. I’m so sorry, but I’m back. Back like cooked crack. (In the same way I can never ask somebody “what do you want?” without having to repeat it Ryan Gosling “The Notebook” style:

I can’t say “I’m back” without adding “like cooked crack after it”. What a non stop barrel of “lols” I am. Also not advocating the use of crack cocaine, let’s just be clear on that).

So I mentioned a few posts ago that I had gone back to some aspects of le adult work.  I’ve started up a mini subscription site, which I update daily and am having a lot of fun with. You can also catch me here for some phonechat fun – which is my favourite – and am also selling videos again here and here. I’ve been shooting bits and pieces for other companies over the last few months but haven’t had much chance to shoot my own stuff again. Fear not those who are fans of my profession and not just of my sparkling wit and top notch grammar as I have a filming day booked in the diary for next week, so new updates will follow shortly!

Again, this isn’t a long term plan to come back into the adult world but I am actually having fun and feel much more relaxed about it all again now that I can pick and choose what I do, instead of being fully immersed in it all.

I’ve been really enjoying the video work again. A personal highlight was shooting for a company where in one video the camera was set up to shoot me from under a toilet seat – the toilet seat wasn’t attached to a toilet, it was being held in place by a bunch of cushions & was totally clean and unused! – while I pretended that I’d dragged a man back to my house and that he now had to live down my toilet forever. Just a normal Tuesday afternoon in the life of Jaye Rose.

I like being in front of the camera. I’m good on camera. I get really into it and I like telling stories. Plus, I’ve had nearly 8 years of experience (fucking hell) talking in front of cameras so if you asked me to, I could stand up and give you a 30 minute monologue on any sexual subject, although am not sure how sexy that would actually be. Or how well it would go down on Youtube.

What else has been happening? Well, my creepy little cyber troll is back and as angry as ever.

Normal is overrated, you fanny hole. ✌🏻

The sad fuck once sent me 96 e-mails in 3 days wishing death on me. He’s also creepily obsessed with prolapses – let’s hope his Mum never goes through his internet history– and probably getting a boner because I’ve mentioned him in my blog. Wank away, my friend! I just think it’s funny as fuck that I can incite so much anger in someone who I’ll never even meet. People need to get outside more. 😚

I also have a catfish who is driving me to distraction! I’ve had quite a few catfishes over the years use my pictures over the years – no idea why they keep picking me – but this one is by far the most persistent and annoying. This catfish has set up a Plenty of Fish profile, a Facebook, a Tindr, a Snapchat (God knows how they are pulling that one off!) AND an Instagram of me. Everytime I get any of their fake accounts shut down they just pop back up. The worst part is they are obviously not at all funny or particularly educated so all their crap, boring captions and shit meme posts are tied to my face and I don’t want people thinking I’m thick and unfunny! Study your craft, catfishes!

On the whole, it’s been pretty decent being back. There are certain things that do still set my anxiety off and I might do a post on that in the future but, as I said before, am not back to it all forever. I’m lucky that I already have a fanbase/following behind me – literally hate saying that, always feel like such a dick – and I’m enjoying feeling sexy again. Just because I wanted to cut it all off doesn’t mean I’ve suddenly become some prude. A large part of my personality is sexual and I love erotica and am fascinated by it all.

But believe me, once I find a career I actually wanna pursue, I’m taking my arse (“ass”) off the internet again. For good. Probably. Maybe. I don’t know. I swear I said that last time, too…


  1. You’re on form, Jaye 😀 Did laugh out loud several times. I too would hate shocking grammar and banality associated with my profile pic. I think if anyone you knew you at all saw one of the catfish pics they’d know it was fake straight away.

    Seriously though you seem very happy and it’s lovely to see.

  2. I was catfished by someone pretending to be you a couple of years ago. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed they turned out not to be you at all.

    • JayeRose

      April 13, 2017 at 2:06 pm

      Oh really? I’d love to know more for a future post I’m writing – could you contact me via the contact me page if possible? Thanks!

  3. Hey, at least you don’t have retarded organs. That’s something, as to where someone finds retarded and organs as a good combination for an insult is a little beyond me – kids these days.

    Nice to have you back [again]. Between your last post and this one I think I have found myself thinking if I’m a sex addict or not. Maybe it’s just emotional baggage – who knows.

    Anyway, look forward to seeing your next few blogs. Be cool to hear what projects you’re up to or got down the line, or whatever else happens in the day in the life of.

    FYI I can’t say “does it hurt” without sounding like the guy from the original robocop or just pulling out lines from those master pieces like Predator at work. It helps numb the pain received from upper management.

  4. Seriously? You don’t know why catfish would choose you? Maybe you should look at yourself like some horny kid would. Sexual hotness is what they see. A sex goddess in every inch. Perfect bait for a catfish.
    Of course, with the ability to search images today, finding out who you really are is pretty easy.
    As for the guy emailing death to you, he’s frustrated because he is never going to touch, much less have sex with anyone who looks like you. It eats him alive.

  5. You will never leave until you are forced out lol. I just hope this blog doesn’t die like your last one :p

  6. There was a picture of what appeared to be Katy Perry
    doing a selfie in the shower, and i thought to myself, “Man,
    her body is amazing….”
    Then i realized, “Wait, that’s Jaye Rose!”
    With the wet hair & the angle of the breasts, for a moment, i
    really believed it was Katy.
    But the picture was advertised as Ms. Perry revealing personal
    pics, LOL.

    I must agree that you are exceptional at “telling stories,” though.
    You used to do a series of vids where it was basically just you
    talking to the camera, basically getting “caught” doing something.
    But i remember thinking, “Wow, she’s really good at making up stuff as
    she goes along, without breaking character.”

    • JayeRose

      April 18, 2017 at 8:31 pm

      Hahah awww thank you so much! I think I know the picture you mean actually – someone sent it to me a while ago with that same caption. So bizarre!

  7. Jaye I feel this blog has done you the world of good with regards to soul searching!

    It almost seems that you’re at peace with your potentially permanently off-putting experiences in the industry previously.

    Cant wait to see you back in the big time again soon!
    Keep up the good work girl !!! x

  8. 96 emails in 3 days?!?! All wishing death upon you?! An obsession with prolapses?!
    Man, there really are some vile people out there!

    Good luck in your dealings with these sad sacks, and good luck too with your re-newed career. Just take care out there though!

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