Emma Watson & the Case for Feminism

It’s International Women’s Day and one thing that’s been really annoying me lately is the stick Emma Watson has been getting for a shoot she did recently in which she posed for some images “topless”. Because she is a proud and vocal feminist, some people have been hitting back by saying there is no way that Emma could be both an advocate for women’s rights and also – shock horror – allow her breasts to be seen.

Some may think I don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to talking about feminism given the nature of my job and how it is, fundamentally, to feed a man’s pleasure. There is a whole blog post on that particular topic that I will (at some point!) write; I am writing this one today, off the cuff, while I felt inspired.

As far as I can tell, this is the image that has caused such outcry:

Emma Watson Vanity Fair

For a start, it’s “Vanity Fair” and not “Reader’s Wives”. If you look at the other images in the set, they are so far from being sexy its laughable (no offence, Emma). Maybe it’s because my arsehole is all over the internet but I struggle to see how this could even be considered a topless image. I wouldn’t even say it’s a particularly erotic image, more like high fashion. I read somewhere recently that Emma Watson refused to wear a corset when filming “Beauty and the Beast” because she didn’t feel it was realistic attire for a woman who is running around and doing the amount of stunts that she was having to do. But nah, honestly, don’t worry about any of that – just focus on the fact that she’s got tits.

I feel like feminism as a whole gets quite a bad rep in the mainstream with some dismissing feminists as being “man haters” or “bra burners”. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to defining what feminism is and I do consider myself a feminist, despite what anyone else might say or think about me. And why the fuck shouldn’t I? Just because of what I do or have done for work doesn’t mean I should be followed home or have men chase me to spit in my face when I asked them to please stop following me or that I should risk getting paid less than my male counterpart if I was to go back to a “normal” job.

feminism international women's day

I don’t want to make this into a whole discussion about feminism and where I feel I fit within it all – like I said, that’s a post for another day – but just because a woman wants to look nice does not mean she has to hand in her “feminist card”. I think it is admirable for any woman to feel good in her own skin, especially in this day and age when we women are bombarded by such unrealistic expectations and pressures everywhere we turn.

So Emma Watson did a shoot that showed a bit of her boobs? You may as well get as angry about the fact that she is wearing makeup as you are that her boobs are the tiniest bit on show. She would have had the shoot concept run past her long before the shoot took place, she would have been fully aware of the styling of the shoot and what she would be wearing and would have undoubtedly had the final say on what images she was happy with being printed. She was obviously happy with how she was being portrayed in said images. She wasn’t forced into doing anything by some big, bad man who is profiting from her against her will. I wouldn’t even say she’s “owing her own sexuality” as frankly I think the shoot is so overly tame – not even a nipple in sight! – that the whole matter has been blown well out of proportion. It’s a good shot and she looks good. There really is no more to it than that.

Would I want my daughter to look up to Emma Watson? Hell flipping yeah I would! Even though I know that I would have made a much better Hermione than her, I still think she’s an excellent role model.  She’s bright, articulate and she uses her platform in a really positive way. Plus, anyone who starts a book club is destined to be my best friend, should we ever meet.

Would I consider myself a role model to other women or girls? Of course bloody not. I definitely don’t want my daughter behaving in the same way I have conducted myself at times in the past. But I’m still a feminist okay, so shut up.

There is no right or wrong way to be a woman. Feminism should be women not judging other women for the choices they make. God knows we get enough shit from (some) men without turning against each other as well. Just leave Hermione alone, maaaaan, she’s a good egg with or without a bra on.


  1. Clayton Tolliver

    March 8, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    A LARGE part of the problem, comes from two similar directions: A.) People (NOT) just men, that are able to differentiate between “artistic nude/erotica”, and “porn”.
    B.) People, (almost ALL “feminist”, but NOT “all feminists”), who DO NOT… WILL NOT… UNDERSTAND. “True feminism”, is about women being able to MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES.
    If a woman CHOOSES to dress and present herself in a “feminine manner”… In her look, attire, lifestyle, and manner…
    By the same token, if a woman CHOOSES to go in the opposite direction, and to make herself look as “masculine” as possible… And to act as “unladylike” (to use an old-fashioned term)… HER CHOICE…
    Like ALL choices, however, each of these comes with repercussions.
    The same can be said, for presenting or revealing her body… HER CHOICE. If a woman chooses to pose nude or semi-nude… That is her choice; be it for financial or artistic reasons… Or to “make a statement”.
    And, AGAIN… “Repercussions”.
    If Emma Watson chose to pose “semi nude”, for a FASHION magazine, that is her choice, and I have ZERO doubt, that she was making a statement with that choice, and that “presentation” of herself… I don’t know HER exact rationale, since I am not her, and not among her confidants… But I have little doubt that “CHOICE” was a part of that…
    As a man, I attempted to enter the world of modeling. My portfolio includes some “semi-nude” work. I am a very fit, but middle-aged man… “Pleasing to the eye”, women tell me… But… “REPERCUSSIONS”? Almost ALL of the work that I was subsequently offered, was “gay”, or “implied gay” work…
    NOT my lifestyle, nor anything I care to represent myself, by doing. I have NO issues with the LBGT community, but I CHOSE to “NOT present myself” in association with any of those lifestyles. How much modeling work have I DONE?
    NONE. Because of my CHOICE, to NOT represent myself in a particular manner, I am apparently “unmarketable”…
    FINE. MY choice.
    Ms. Jaye has done erotic an pornographic work… And while she may have gleaned some satisfaction from it, and “some pay”… I get the overall impression, that there are several regrets that she has had… From her CHOICES… Some of which, admittedly, were made in innocence, not realizing just how “cut throat” the industry can be. And, in a sense, Jaye CAN serve as a role model for young women and girls… As an example of “mistakes made, and mistakes to be avoided”.
    I still admire Jaye Rose, and wish that we could be friends… Platonic friends, at that… She is a beautifu woman, not only physically, but with “beauty of the soul”… And mind…
    But, we live, literally, “oceans apart”, and each desire “different social circles”… So be it… Much of THAT, is not a matter of “choice”, but of “circumstance”.
    Same with Emma Watson, although politically, we are “worlds apart”.
    The so-called “feminists”, that have criticized either of these ladies (Ms. Watson being the “subject” of this latest blog)… Need to open their minds, and their eyes… And STOP being such hypocrites. The “Cause of Feminism”, is about “A Woman’s RIGHT To Choose”; it is NOT about… Unless you are actually one of those dreaded “femi-Nazis”, about “ball busting”, or attacking men…
    Or attacking a woman, who is an ACTIVE advocate for women… And chooses to share her body with us all.
    If you do not wish to share revealing photos of YOUR body, fine; DO. NOT. CRITICIZE. A. WOMAN. WHO. CHOOSES. TO. SHARE. HER. BODY.
    A feminist who makes such criticisms, only reveals her hypocrisy, and a VERY closed mind.

  2. Emma Watson keeps getting caught up in these debates. But sometimes it’s her own doing. This time it’s all about what she said in the past coming back to bite her. She had a go at Beyoncé a few years back for something similar. Personally I think its all about money. Who gets paid when we are all talking about Emma Watson…Emma Watson..lol

    • JayeRose

      March 9, 2017 at 8:28 am

      Yeah it is difficult when you then get called up on anything you said in the past too but I do think that those images she’s in are so ridiculously tame that things have been blown completely out of proportion.

  3. John from Germany

    March 9, 2017 at 11:55 am

    This is the post I’ve been waiting for since you started your blog here. Very much looking forward to the post dealing with feminism and where you see yourself in it. By the way, are you still camming these days..? I’ve lost track of it a bit during these long breaks between posts 🙁

    • JayeRose

      March 9, 2017 at 9:09 pm

      Thank youuu! I promise to be much more consistent from now on.

      I’m gonna post links in my next blog to where I can still be found online but if you follow my work only account @JayeRoseVideos on Twitter I always post on there when available for bookings etc.

  4. When women assert their right to be treated as if they are able to make their own mind up, they are criticized by others. When people criticize them for making those decisions, they are just being…jerks. I respect Jaye, and if I ever meet her, I will say so. (and try like hell to keep my eyes above her shoulders looking at her pretty eyes)The fact that I have seen her naked doesn’t detract from that. I rejoice in her being able to make whatever choice in life she wants without have to check with some man (or anyone else) to see if it’s okay. That might be a mixed message, but it’s how I feel.

  5. I love the stance of your blog, its different, brave and great! Looking forward to your future posts, keep standing strong girl!

  6. This was a very good read and I feel topics like this need to be discussed more.
    -Becca x

  7. New good things…

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