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From Nude to Naughty

For some reason, I don’t remember my first ever adult shoot but I do remember the second. It was for a top shelf magazine publication and, as though to confirm his credentials to me, the photographer insisted on showing me some of his previous work before we started shooting. This basically just involved images of […]

I Heart Brie Larson

We interrupt your regular programming so that I can have a fan girl moment – I love Brie Larson. I must be one of the only people in the world who doesn’t enjoy watching films. I get fidgety. My sister point blank refuses to go to the cinema with me or even entertain the idea […]

Ask No Questions & I’ll Tell You No Lies

I get asked a lot of questions so thought I would compile a list, as a bit of fun, to show you examples of the kind of things I did and still do get asked by different people.   Photographers: So, what does your boyfriend think about you modelling? – Oh sorry, I must have […]

The Beginning of the End

People always ask me “how did you get started in it all?” and so I thought I’d start from the very beginning which, as Julie Andrews will confirm, is a very good place to start. I spent most of my life being pretty hideous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not under the illusion that I’m […]

Roosh V & a rather topical blog post

So I wanted my second blog to be a bit more on how it all started for me but this one is going to be a little more topical. I don’t have a conventional job and so I do get to watch some daytime TV. Some, a lot, too much…probably too much but hey ho. […]

Hey, Whats Up, Hello…

Hello. Those of you who are already aware of me have probably seen my vagina. Those of you who haven’t, feel free to Google it. No, I’m kidding but only because I don’t make any money from that kind of thing anymore. Already I imagine I’ve lost 95% of any audience who clicked through via […]

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